Poker Rakeback Calculator Helps You Understand the Rakeback You Are Missing

What is a Rakeback Calculator?

The use of a rake calculator can help the 90% plus of online poker players that still do not understand rakeback. There are absolutely no draw backs for online poker rakeback. Use a calculator to get a faster idea of what it is all about!

What is Rakeback?

Rake back is a term used for rebates from online poker rooms through a 3rd party, a affiliate. When you play online poker the site you play through takes a small part of the pots you play. This is called rake. Rake is the way a online poker site makes it profit and stays open. When you sign up through a poker site and do not use a rakeback affiliate the poker site will end up with 100% of the rake that you contribute while playing .

The beauty of rakeback is that when you use an affiliate you do not pay any fees what so ever. Instead the poker sites pay the affiliate a percentage of the rakeback that you contribute for signing you up. In return, a rakeback affiliate will then return a very large percentage of this rebate. To give an example I will use Doyles Room Rakeback that is a standard 33%. So going through a rakeback affiliate you will get 27%, the affiliate will get 3% in the beginning and the site ends up with 70%. That is the bottom line, the site makes less as you get some of your own rake back!

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